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Pastel Painting with Deanna Flood and Brian Franks

First and Third Monday Mornings of each month – continued in the afternoon

Pastel painters love the immediacy of drawing with a rich and painterly colouring power. If you haven’t used them before you may be surprised at how easily the essential techniques can be mastered. Learning to handle the pastels and the attractiveness of the work you can produce is very satisfying. You are welcome to attend Deanna and Brian’s sessions and see for yourself the versatility of this medium which is suited to either large, ambitious compositions right down to small quick sketches. The whole pastel process is one of ease and simplicity – no palette to organise, no canvas to prepare, no need for water or turps and no clean-up afterwards.
Deanna and Brian are passionate about their medium and will welcome you to their sessions to share their pleasure of working with pastels. They will show the various types of pastel available, their wide range of colours, subtle hints and textures.

Drawing For Pleasure, with Tutor Cynthia Davis

Second and Fourth Monday Mornings of each month

Drawing can be interpreted as the picturing of objects on a surface. It can be used to express, represent, understand, show or comment on what you want to convey. Drawing generally has a purpose but with the gulf between what we can see and what we can draw being so great we might consider giving up in frustration. Come along to Cynthia’s session to eliminate that frustration and learn how to draw, how to improve your drawing and work alongside other passionate artists who enjoy drawing. Cynthia has many years of drawing experience which she wants to share with you to improve your drawing skills. Cynthia welcomes new members, offering a supportive and enthusiastic environment with all level of skills catered for.

Drawing For Pleasure – untutored

Second and Fourth Monday Afternoons of each month

A continuation of the morning sessions, as above, but with no tutor. The rooms are open and all members are welcome to bring their drawing work, in any medium.

Open Studio

You will note that there are various “Open Studio” sessions throughout our monthly calendar. These times are when the art rooms are open and are for members to come with their current project to work on alongside fellow members for company, support, guidance, confidence and the sharing of a love of being in an artistic environment amongst like-minded people. Some Open Studio days indicate “Any Medium” and some are specific about which medium the group attending have chosen to work in. It is up to you which day or days is going to suit your life schedule. You are entitled to attend any and all of the advertised programme in our monthly Newsletter as part of your membership so check them out and see which appeal. We try to offer something for everyone.

Open Studio

Every Tuesday Morning of each month

“Any Medium” is predominantly attended by painters using acrylic paints, although other mediums are welcome to attend. An informal group that meet regularly to paint together who are friendly, welcoming and keen to meet new acrylic painters to join them.

Open Sessions

First and Third Tuesday Afternoons of each month

Open Sessions are new for 2019 and will be used by water colour artists. These are untutored sessions but all members attending will be working together to improve their water colour skills.

Practical Art with Steve Cordery

Tuesday Evening of each month

Any medium is welcome to attend our only evening session available at this time. All members are welcome to attend. Get in touch with Steve or come along to see what exciting happenings occur at these sessions. Sometimes in the summer the group paints en plein aire, they often set themselves painting challenges and always have lots of fun.

Painting School with Graham Baker

First Wednesday Morning of each month

Graham has taken over the Tauranga Society of Artists Painting School for 2019 and will be holding these sessions on this Wednesday morning of each month throughout the year. Members are encouraged to bring along their own work of choice and Graham will assist by demonstrating techniques as you paint.
Graham offers a friendly and stimulating session crammed full of useful information on how to make your paintings sing.

Portraiture with Judith Robinson and Robin Purllant

Every Second and Fourth Wednesday Morning of each month

These sessions are aimed at encouraging positive, constructive information about improving your portraiture skills. There will be critique and sharing of skills with no pressure and everyone will work to their own ability. Judith and Robin have heaps of experience and will share and guide you through the portraiture process towards improving your own skills. On the second Wednesday of each month, there is a cost to each attending member of $5, to pay for a model who sits for the session (NOTE THIS CLASS IS CURRENTLY AT CAPACITY. No NEW participants at this stage 29/4/19). Judith and Robin organise the seating process, which may be short for a sketch or long for a pose. These sessions are full on with energy and enthusiasm and offer a challenging but satisfying half day. The fourth Wednesday of each month there is no model but is often used as an extension or refinement of the previous sessions work.

Still Life

Third Wednesday Morning of each month

A topic for the Still Life will be gazetted in the Newsletter with a request for you to either bring along materials to contribute to the Still Life or just your paints/drawing materials. The principles for any Still Life are used each month. A lively interest in the world around you inspires us to bring in objects which may be a challenge to draw and paint, not within our comfort zone, but encourage free expression and personal exploration. Any medium can be used to create your Still Life.

Open Studio – Acrylics and Other Mediums with Convenor Richard Fenn

Every Wednesday Afternoon of each month

This Open Studio provides a friendly cooperative atmosphere with artists attending who are experienced in pastel, water colour, acrylic, pencil and oils and can give assistance, if needed to any member. Richard says those coming are like a large family helping each other and enjoying the experience of art in a happy, supportive and relaxed atmosphere.

Oil Painting with Convenor Karen Pritchard

Every Thursday morning of each month

I’m Karen Pritchard, Leader of the Thursday art group. We are a friendly bunch, interested in each other’s work and multiple media techniques. We have several artists skilled in the use of oil paint, acrylics and water colours.
The last Thursday of each month an artist in the group will share four of their pictures.
Learn about using a variety of art methods, advice and support with your art work is available.

The use of oil paints can require solvents and strong smelling liquids which do not suit everyone. We set aside this special time for our special members who love these smells and produce amazing works with their medium of oil paints. Come and join the oil painting group if this is you, every Thursday morning of each month. New members are always welcome.

Special Workshops and Committtee Meeting

Every Thursday afternoon of each month

Thursday Afternoons are set aside for special workshops and committee meetings. Please check the monthly Newsletter programme for information and dates of upcoming workshops.

Life Drawing with model – Convenor Tanya Bamford-King

First and Third Friday Mornings of each month

There is a small cost of $10 per attending member to pay for the model who sits for the session non members are welcome but model fee is $15. These sessions are to improve your skill of drawing live, typically nude models. The degree of representation can range from being highly detailed, anatomically correct renderings through to loose and expressive sketches.
The importance of life drawing for the serious visual artist is the drawing and mark making on a ground which is fundamentally at the root of all visual understanding. It is said that through this practice mankind is able to organise the world visually. Once you have studied drawing a figure seriously your non-figurative art will be stronger and have more substance. Try it out on a Friday morning and see for yourself.

Practical art sessions

Second and Fourth Friday Mornings of each month

The art rooms are used by U3A for Practical art sessions.